Friday 6th of April– h 21 – Teatro Alameda, Seville

Adrien Moignard is undoubtedly one of the most important musicians worldwide of the gypsy jazz stage. He belongs to the elite of the last and most recent generation of young musicians inherited from the musical legacy of Django Reinhart and Stefane Grapelli. Inspired not only by the aforementioned geniuses and founders of the style, is also influenced by later musicians who are a reference of gypsy jazz and who have managed to modernize and take it to a new level, as Bireli Lagrene, Stochelo Rosenberg or Angelo Debarre.
Moignard is above all a born improviser, a virtuoso guitarist endowed with a dazzling creativity and musicality. He manages to synthesize in his instrument all the beauty of the traditional language of swing with melodic and harmonic elements of an absolute contemporaneity, and in a natural and spontaneous way.

Like other well-known contemporaries of him (Sebastien Gineaux, Benoit Convert, Noé Reinhardt, Gonzalo Bergara, etc.), this young French guitarist begun to have contacts with well recognized musicians in the beginning of the first decade of the 21st century, attending and participating in the famous festival Django Reinhardt by Samois Sur Seine – the most important event of the style, something like the “Mecca” of gypsy jazz.

Since then he has recorded several albums as a soloist and many others, forming part of groups of artists from different musical styles. The critics have highlighted their album as Classic, a trio with Gonzalo Bergara and Jeremie Arranger, or their participation in the very interesting Selmer 607 record project, which brings together many of the most outstanding artists of the new jazz stage.