67 x NAKED formed in 2018 in Southern Finland and have already made a big impact in the Finnish and Estonian swing scene with their highly improvised, powerful, joyous, talented and adventurous performances. After only one year of local gigs, they were invited to play at the Estonian National Museum annual gala (one of the biggest music events in Estonia) which was an unforgettable show that took place just days before lock-down. They were also due to play for the 2020 St Petersburg Blues Festival – sadly postponed.
They play raw blues and old jazz with all the joy, sexiness, creativity and grit of the early jazz musicians. Some people find them shocking or challenging but still can’t look away because the talent, originality, power, confidence and beauty of their performances. Early jazz was oppressed black Americans standing up for their right to have fun and be free and 67 X NAKED feel that musical message needs to be heard now more than ever!
The band consist of Tomi Kettunen on guitar – well known as one of Finland’s top gypsy jazz guitarists, who founded and keeps the Helsinki Gypsy Jazz scene going with the weekly gigs and jam sessions which he facilitates.
Alm Nyman the percussionist, being part of the Swedish-speaking minority in Finland also sings, groans and preaches in English, Finnish and Swedish during shows. He has brought his passionate blues singing and gospel style preaching to the attention of many in Finland during the last two national parliament elections where he has stood as candidate; bringing joy, creativity and imagination into politics trough live music, poetry and dance at his political rallies!
Philip Holm on bass composes songs for his own experimental folk band and performs internationally with different klezmer and improvised jazz bands.
Last but not least is the talented UK-based Jimbino Vegan; clarinetist, singer, composer, songwriter and performer, Jimmy has been performing New Orleans Jazz and original songs for over 20 years, both while living in New Orleans and traveling around the world with different bands. His bands have always been appreciated by dancers due the the high energy they bring, when Jimmy starts playing, the party starts pumpin’.