We teach Lindy Hop as a couple in Vaasa, Finland. We have been teaching beginner and intermediate level classes for two years for the Ritz Lindy Hoppers. This contest is a nice platform for us to try to broaden our wings as teachers and maybe get an opportunity to teach abroad.


-Akseli “Akke” Juslin:

“I have been dancing Lindy Hop for 5 years now. Two years ago I started teaching and I was surprised on how much I enjoyed it! Getting people to smile, dance and have fun together is one of the best feelings there is. I want people to get hooked on Lindy Hop by creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere during classes.

I also had the privilege to be apart of two productions as a dancer. First production was a big band show by the Gubbrockarna in Vaasa with three shows. Second time was an Elvis tribute concert with the Projektkören -choir from Åland, and the great Johanna Grüssner as conductor. Three shows in Pietarsaari”


-Anna Weidinger:

“Dance has always been a part of my life. At 11 years I started with Hip Hop, later Jazz and Ballroom Dance and tried out Ballet, Musical Dance, House and Modern Dance. I love to try out new styles and that is also how I got to my new passion – Lindy Hop!

I started working as a Jazz and Hip Hop dance teacher in 2013 in Germany. 3 years ago, when I moved to Finland, I began dancing Lindy Hop and was completely hooked. I love teaching Lindy Hop and spreading the passion for dancing. It is a fun challenge dancing with a partner and finding a symbiosis between two moving bodies. Occasionally I also teach Authentic Jazz and Swing Train. I have been performing Lindy Hop in Vaasa and as a guest dancer at Vaasa City theater in the Sugar Musical.”