Since the first lindy hop class I felt an indescribable joy and interest in dance. When I started I was lanky and clumsy with no previous dance experience. I was sixteen and couldn’t even let myself to believe that dance will become my career.

In three years I became a dance instructor in one of the main lindy hop dance schools in Vilnius. That inspired me to dig deeper. So, I graduated bachelor in education of dance. Studies gave me a deeper knowledge in teaching and I got a chance to learn various dance styles. At the same time I began my career as an international instructor together with a dance partner, actively competed and taught locally a lot.

As I graduated I never stopped learning. I got very interested in tap and focused more on choreographing, producing shows and performing.

Some of the recent highlights of my dance career:

– Dancing in the musical “Lituanica” all around Lithuania;

– Co founding and producing “Harlem Speak Easy” – live jazz dance and music shows;

– Worked as a lecturer in college with musical theater students;

– Worked as a choreographer in TV show “Dancing with a Star”;

– Danced on a Netflix show “Clark”;

– Choreographed an 80’s style musical (premier in Vilnius will happen in 2021).

I adore teaching and old school material, copying masters such as Fred Astaire, Cyd Charisse, Gene Kelly, Rita Hayworth, Nicholas Brothers, All Mins, Tops and Wilder, etc. In my classes I focus on rhythm, quality of movement, use various teaching methods and try my best to create an enjoyable learning atmosphere.