Bebe Astur is a Romanian musician and an University teacher of music. Andreea Lupascu is a vocalist that previously was Bebe Astur’s pupil. Their musical collaboration started about 5 years ago when Bebe Astur came with the idea of an acoustic project. The project was extended so that today together they sing jazz, blues, rock’n’roll, and hard rock!

Bebe Astur is a master of the guitar, whether it’s electric, acoustic or jazz guitar. Bebe Astur is the former leader of the 1972’s romanian rock band called “SOLARIS”.

Andreea Lupascu is in love with almost all genres of music and she has released two albums until now: “From rock to tango” (2014), “Banal” (2019) – in collaboration with Bebe Astur and Sorin Chifiriuc.

We hope you will enjoy our fresh view of the aria “Summertime” – music: George Gershwin, lyrics: DuBose Heyward and Ira Gershwin, rearranged by Bebe Astur.