My name is Carla Baldini and I have been singing since I was three years old. I am founder and director of the Italian gospel choir “Sisters and Brothers Gospel Choir Ensemble”, the all female a cappella group “Vocal Sisters”, the folk women choir “Le Donne di Magliano” and the vocal trio “SpumaStella”. I have recorded about a dozen cds and audiobooks with these bands and toured all over Italy with them (more than 800 live concerts all together). I am the author of a book of vocal tecnique: “Il Buon Canto” (Ed Map. 2007, Milan). My last cd “Donne che cantano le Donne” (Donne di Magliano- Believe Music 2018) has been sold all over the world and has been in the top 100 Russian charts.

My latest project,  SpumaStella, is a small swing band formed by a vocal trio and a guitarist. We like singing old songs from the swing era, but also new song in an old style and our original swing tunes.

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