Swing and Jump-Swing of the Black Orchestras: hard, thrilling and swingin ‘!!
The sonic impact and repertoire of the Billy Bros. Swing Orchestra are a unique experience that immediately drives you into the Savoy Ballroom, in full “Swing Craze“.
The Billy Bros. Swing Ork. is an elegant, flamboyant and crazy orchestra of ten Hepcats and a Lady, led by a visionary anachronist and stuck in Swing up to the neck.
Since 1990 it has played in the best Clubs and Festivals in Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, Slovenia, Holland and Denmark.
The band focuses on the repertoire of the Count Basie Orchestra and all the orchestras of the Savoy Ballroom in Harlem, New York, enriched by the choreography of Chester Whitmore (USA), by sprinkles of retro costume and culture, jokes, acrobatic numbers, and a great zoot-suit wardrobe!

The Billy Bros. Swing Orchestra was the only and official band of the Queen of Swing “Norma Miller” with whom it performed a European tour and an Italian tour.
It has published 5 CDs (Italy, Germany, Japan), is boasts 6 compilations (Italy, England, Argentina, USA, Germany, France) and lists hostings in radio and television broadcasts from Vladivostock to Chicago.
In 2017 it released the cd “A Swingin ‘Love Fest” with Norma Miller; in 2020 the fantastic “Savoy Heyday” was released.