The Oldie Goldies is a swing and ragtime band based in Sofia, Bulgaria, led by jazz drummer Borislav Petrov. He brings together talented musical friends from different countries, who share the passion for playing music from the times when the world danced to JAZZ. Yes, we love playing for dancers! Our band is expandablе. Sometimes we are five, sometimes we are eight, and everything in between. But no matter how many we are on stage, we make sure we are swinging and making the feet happy, the hearts full, and the smiles – everlasting!
Besides regular engagements with Lindy Hop Bulgaria, the band played both major swing dance festivals in Bulgaria in 2022 – Sofia Swing Fest, and Sofia Blues Fest.
Borislav Petrov – drums, band leader
Veleka Tzankova – vocals
Arnau Garrofe – clarinet
Alexander Milanov – trumpet
Alexandre Merancienne – saxophone
Borislav Iliev -guitar
Vasil Hadzhigrudev – bass
Alexandre Merancienne – saxophone
Jack Hughes – piano