Daisy & Uncle is a new swing-band.

The project is born from an idea of Luca Benicchi together with Margherita Giorgi and Andrea Pacini.

Margherita Giorgi, voice

Luca Benicchi, piano and voice

Andrea Pacini percussion

Alessio Bianchi trumpet and flugelhorn

Margherita Giorgi

Margherita Giorgi is a young interpreter with a crystalline and elegant voice that catches attention for sure. She sings some of the most beautiful standards of French and American music, showing them under lights always different, and creating an intimate and soft atmosphere.

Luca Benicchi

Luca Benicchi is a singer-songwriter-pianist who writes songs that intercept the atmosphere of the 1930s swing. His music also reflectes the influences of what he considers his inspiring masters: Jannacci and Conte above all.

Andrea Pacini

Andrea Pacini is an eclectic percussionist of the \\\”Andrea Del Sarto\\\” school, where he attended seminars with important masters.

He collaborates in numerous projects, ranging from jazz to swing, and he has played with artists like Fresu, Bollani, Tamburini, Tonolo and Guccini.

Alessio Bianchi

Alessio Bianchi is a talented trumpeter who fell in love with jazz by attending the Siena Jazz seminars with the masters Tamburini, Casati and Paolo Fresu. Graduated in composition for jazz orchestra at the Conservatory of La Spezia, he has been a soloist of the Barga jazz orchestra for years, and he collaborates with numerous artists, like Mauro Grossi, Gabriele Evangelista, Nino Pellegrini and many others.