Dimitri & Alexsia starts dancing at the age of 6 years old ‘cause their parents are Boogie Woogie and R’n’R teachers.

He decide to start with Rock and Roll but he also danced in a coregraphic group for the show.
Meanwhile he decided to try also Folk Italian Dance. And he won the Italian Championship in 2011. During the Championship he saw the final of WRRC WM ITA and he fall in love to the Boogie Woogie ‘cause it is so spontaneous and energic. In 2 years he start to compete in WWRC for international Boogie Woogie Competition. First competition was hard but then he reached a lot of semifinal, and from 2016 he often is in finals.
In 2016 Dimitri met Alexsia also decided to try Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz to be complete and he fall in love again with a new kind of music with more particular and with less rules on the dance but at the same time with more technique and possibility.
Alexsia started dancing at a very young age, initially with roack and roll. During the years she grew up the passion for boogie woogie and then for lindy hop and swing dances in general. She has a uni degree in arts and performing arts which helps her to include the world around her into the dance
Dimitri & Alexsia always take a classes or private with the best teachers and here some results
In 2018:

– 3rd Open Stricly Camp Holliwood

-3rd Open Strictly Savoy Cup

– 1st Boogie Cup RTSF

-2nd Lindy Cup RTSF


4th-  Showcase Balkan Lindy Hop Championship

1st- Open Solo Jazz Balkan


2nd Boogie cup RTSF

1st Normalizer ILHC

They also teach and Perform for:

Midas Swing Dance Festival

Rockin Summer Fest

Boogie Attack

Athens Lindy Exchange

Roman Holidays swing festival

Taranto Swing Festival

Rock That Swing 2 time

this year 2020 was full of gig but ‘cause of covid we hope to re-organize a full calendar for 2021 🤞