Dr. Jazz & Dirty Bucks Swing Band play the Traditional American music.
They play Ragtime, Dixieland and Swing with the blues in their hearts and their minds.
They bring you back at the early 1900s at each and every gig, every song, every note.
Their music comes from far away (has come a long way): from the banks of the Mississippi river, New Orleans, Louisiana.
New Orleans is the birthplace of Jazz, through the streets and the brothels of Storyville.
They play the music of Buddy Bolden, King Oliver, Jelly Roll Morton, Sidney Bechet, Louis Armstrong.
Dr. Jazz & Dirty Bucks Swing Band play the New Orleans jazz.

“Dr. Jazz” Alfredo Verga • Guitar & Vocal
“Mr. Groove” Alessandro Panella • Double Bass
“Mr. Chugga” Luciano De Ioanni • Drum
“Mr. Dirty” Ettore Patrevita • Soprano Sax


“Our music is a bridge that connects Naples to New Orleans.
Two wonderful, crazy, creative cities.
Wet from the sea, flooded with sounds, colors, smells.
Neapolitan tradition and African-American tradition merged into a single soul.
From Toledo to Storyville, from Carosone to Armstrong, from mandolin to banjo.
We want to innovate starting from traditions.“
Dr. Jazz



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