Him, the first Italian Lindy Hopper (since 1995)… Her, his charming Lady…

From the first moment they met, in 2011, you could admire the passion they have for each other and the dance.

On stage they adore improvising, impressing viewers with their classy and sophisticated dance style.

During their classes, students are satisfied for their professional, clear, accurate and exciting lessons.

They travel nationally (for now, but hoping to share their passion and their knowledge by touring the world soon) teaching and performing dances from the Jazz Era of the 1920′s to 1940′s and dances of 1950’s.

They are specialized in: Lindy Hop – Hollywood Style – Dean Collins Style – Charleston (solo and couple) – Balboa – Vernacular Jazz – Rockabilly Jive – Boogie Woogie – Collegiate Shag – St. Louis Shag – Bal Swing – Blues – Musicality

Their dream? Intrigue people to Swing Dance!

During the years they have taught in some important Festivals/Camps (Swing On The Beach, Roma Lindy Exchange -also organized-, La Latina Tango Marathon, Caro….Swing, Swing\’in Taranto,…), in local and national tv programm (Rai1, Rai3,…), in musical videoclip (Mannarino, Swing Pistols, …), as dancers and/or coreographers in films (Il paradiso delle signore, Un cielo stellato sopra il cielo di Roma), and they have received various awards and recognitions (Veterano dello Sport, podium in Boogie Woogie, Charleston/Jazz, Lindy Hop competitions,…)