Jazz dancer / choreographer / comedian / teacher / jazz lover

Eglė started her dancing journey at the age of 10 with folk and aerobics. At the age of 14 she discovered hip-hop culture. Teaching, training enormous hours and performing became part of her lifestyle. After graduating her way accidentally led her from hip-hop to vernacular jazz and lindy-hop. Since then Eglė quickly became part of swing community and never turned back.

Eglė is also well known as a performing artist, largely expressing herself in comedy and clowning. Audience control, theatrical skills, confidence on stage, openness to improvisation together with her life experience led to early directing, creating lindy-hop shows in theatre. Some of them are first ones in Lithuania.

Combining dancing and theatre worlds makes her a true creator. Her persistent and conscious trainings are dedicated to transforming steps into stories and emotions into motions.

Last but not least is her humor and empathy. Once you meet her you can tell she can fill a room with warm atmosphere and laugh with students easily. As she says: when people laugh, they learn faster.”

Latest results of her work:

  • first contemporary lindyhop performance at Theater
  • director of theatrical show “Cabaret”
  • former and teacher of performance team since 2017
  • choreographer at TV show “Dancing with the Stars”
  • owner and creator of Harlem Speaks Easy – live jazz music and dance show
  • solo comedy show – psysical theatre