The Enric Peidro Swingtet

 Tenor saxophonist Enric Peidro has a long and solid musical career in the field of classical jazz and is undoubtedly one of the strongest and most respected Spanish musicians in the international mainstream and swing scene.

With an extensive discography as a leader and sideman (nearly 20 Cds as sideman and about 60 as sideman) andcollaborations including tours and recordings with some of the most interesting swing-mainstream musicians on the international scene (Dan Barrett, Nicki Parrott,Ray Gelato, Scott Hamilton and lots more ) Peidro has received excellent reviews by the Jazz media for his work. Often being cited as a “keeper of the flame” for classic jazz in Spain and regarded as a extraordinary soloist with a very personal style on the tenor saxophone 

Some jazz critics have pointed out Peidro´s great knowledge of the language of the classical tenor sax of Swing era masters (Hawkins, Young, Byas , Berry, Webster etc) as well as his total dedication to this style in a context always both creative and away from revivalist intentions while deeply rooted in tradition. Fully convinced of the validity and creative potential of this musical language, the saxophonist a musician of reference of classical Jazz in Spain and becoming pretty popular all over Europe.

THE ENRIC PEIDRO SWINGTET, began working as sextet unit in 2016 and since then the line-up often welcomes guest musicians (Jonathan Stout, Glenn Crytzer, Jessie Gordon and many more) becoming a octet or nonet  although the regular six piece band by itself reunites an excellent group of international musicians who in less than 5 years have made this band  one of the most demanded and respected in the international classical jazz scene, releasing 5 cds as well as appearing at countless Jazz festivals both in Spain and Europe and being part of some renowned dance Festivals as well, as the Swedish Snowball in Dec 2019 among many others

The SWINGTET finds their inspiration on the immense legacy of the Swing era but nothing further from its goals than museum nostalgia or to play recreations note by note of arrangements or versions of the era.

Just the oposite: firmly rooted in the tradition, the goal of this powerful band is to craft creative music, with an imaginative approach and favoring contemporary interpretation of the music they are passionate about, also trying to extend the rich tradition of classic jazz into the 21st century in the way they think the masters they admire would have done: by renouncing to the pale imitation and trying to offer an option as personal as respectful of tradition as possible but always with a creative approach in mind.

An elegant stage presence, an electrifying live show and a contagious enthusiasm together with an extensive book of repertoire and an exhaustive knowledge of the music they love to play, have made Enric Peidro’s Swingtet into a band of reference  in the international Swing scene and one of the most in-demand units in Europe

More recently, in the latest edition of International’s Lindy Hop Championship, Peidro’s Swingtet was the only European  band whose music was selected by the organizers to be chosen for the finals performances.Their song “Victory stride” was one of the options to choose for the solo jazz final

A musical experience that leaves no one indifferent and whose concerts are not easily forgotten by music and dance lovers.