Eufonika Jazz Band was born in Sanremo, from an idea of the crooner singer Amelia Cimiotti and the musician / arranger Simone Giacon, flanked by valid professional musicians from western Liguria and the French conservatory.

The real surprise proposed by the band is the “contamination” between past and modern, pop and jazz, rhythms such as charleston and lindy hop on songs by Amy Winehouse, Sting, ABBA, Lady Gaga and many others!

The repertoire includes also great melodies Swing and Jazz
This “swing” of ways and styles drags the audience into an unusual, wonderful experience.
To give brio and originality interventions of “Tip Tap” on choreography by Giovanna La Vecchia of the Kaleido Tap of Genoa.
A happy partnership between the band and Tap dancers, between music, dance and improvisation!

Eufonika has been a guest of Swing reviews between France and the Ligurian Riviera, performing in clubs and private events in Monaco.

Worth mentioning: Swing Corner (Sanremo), Collateral of the Sanremo Festival, Auditorium in Jazz (Ospedaletti)

We hope you enjoy this little excerpt from one of our live concerts: Bad Romance – Dancing Queen – Valerie – Summertime


Amelia Cimiotti – Crooner voice

Simone Giacon – tenor sax, soprano, clarinet, arrangements

Marco Neri – guitars

Mauro Demoro – double bass

Jacopo Forno – drums

Massimo Dal Prà – piano

Kora and Veronica – Tap Dancers