Gloria Turrini and Mecco Guidi are now well-known and esteemed names among the professionals of the Italian music scene who, against all tendencies, starting from the roots of the Blues let contaminate their path with other sounds of black matrix between trad jazz, gospel, blues and funk of the 60s and 70s. The certainty is that the powerful dark notes of Gloria Turrini’s contralto, enriched by its strong and brilliant personality, revive the music of the past through an energetic and exciting show where transpire dynamics that go from the most romantic and sweet side of ballad up to the most hypnotic grooves of funk and soul. It is no coincidence that in the course of her career mano great Italian an international musicians have turned to her and her incredible voice.
Andrea Mingardi, Max Gazzè, Giuliano Palma, Andy J. Forest, Jackie Allen just to name a few.

A similar professional path is the one undertaken by Mecco Guidi, a highly esteemed pianist and organist, with a career studded with collaborations alongside Raphael Gualazzi, Mario Biondi, Cesare Cremonini, Marta High, Franco Califano and many others, where he was also able to contaminate situations. of pop music with his great love for jazz and that – thanks to his very personal style – is conquering his vast share of audiences on both sides of the ocean.

This is the mix of characteristics that make G and the Doctor a rare pearl that always knows how to reach its maximum during the live performances, where, to accompany them, there are often some of the best professionals in the sector.

All these fundamental experiences, accumulated over the years, merge into \”Damn Blues\”, released for Brutture Moderne di Ravenna in September 2017, demonstrating the complete maturation of the artist. Gloria Turrini and Mecco Guidi at the piano, creators of this beautiful album, with eleven tracks where 7 are original songs, have chosen to embellish the recordings with several extras and cameos by a bevy of ambitioned names of the Italian black music scene like Enrico Crivellaro (guitar), Alberto Donati (bass), Luca Giordano (guitar), Francesco Laghi (guitar), Matteo Monti (drums), JJ Muscolo (guitar), Marco Pandolfi (harmonica), Marco Pretolani (sax), Alessandro Scala (sax) and Lele Veronesi (drums).

Once again jazz blends with other genres to reach not only a wider audience, but also to touch emotional strings that are difficult to reach, demonstrating, if ever there was the need, its interdisciplinary and interracial value. And once again a woman carries on an original and winning project, confirming – again in this case – that only together both halves of the apple can become a tasty and succulent musical fruit.