Georgia Vasileiadou is a Lindy Hop & Authentic Jazz teacher and Swing DJ. Georgia started doing gymnastics when she was 7 years old. Two years later she decided that dancing was more fascinating and has never stopped dancing ever since. She was dancing Ballroom and Latin dances until she found Lindy Hop in 2012. She was instantly magnetized by the big band swing music and the freedom this dance gave her to let go and express herself and also explore personality elements that she didn’t know she had. She has been teaching around Greece since then and she has also taught a little bit around europe. She has been in the organisation team of Swing ‘n’ Swim and she also runs monthly and bigger events in Thessaloniki. She is also a swing DJ and had her own live radio show for two years, presenting the history of Swing culture to the greek audience.

Nikoleta has loved dancing and singing ever since she can remember herself. She has a rich background in traditional greek dances, and experience in latin dances, as well as argentinian tango. However, none of these dances could match her need to express herself, until she met jazz dances. The freedom of expression and the rich culture and history are what attracted her the most. She loves performing in front of an audience and has competed and performed in many festivals in Europe. Before Covid-19, she used to bring her hottest tunes on the dancefloor, once per month for the local dancers in Thessaloniki. She has also has some experience in teaching at international online festivals. In class, she wants to inspire her students to find their own personality within this dance and enjoy themselves to the fullest.

The two of them have been friends for many years now and always enjoyed the idea of working together on a project. This choreography was that project and is inspired by great original dancers such as Mable Lee and Consuella Harris and both ladies had been working on it for at least 6 months before presenting it for the first time in Athens, then Swing ‘n’ Swim and then Brussels. It’s like their little baby and it captures their love for the raw and energetic side of Vernacular Jazz dance and the exquisite talent of Mr Gene Krupa and his band in this very much colourful “Rhythm Jam”.