Lindy Hop Teachers / Event organisers / DJ / Spreading the #lindylove

Georgia and Jordan are Lindy Hop teachers based in Thessaloniki, Greece. They were first introduced to Lindy Hop in 2012, when they were both studying in the Engineering School of Xanthi, a small town in Northern Greece. They took their first class together and have been partners ever since. They never attended weekly classes and they had to travel a lot, within Greece as well as abroad, to figure out what this dance was all about. They built the community of Lindy Hop Xanthi from scratch – since this dance form was nonexistent in that town and they were simply compelled by Lindy Hop. Due to these circumstances, they had to become teachers since day one, so they attended several teacher trainings with Alex & Christina (Lindy Hop Greece) and their teaching method evolved rapidly. For the following 5 years they have introduced the dance to several small towns of northern Greece and have organised many events with national and international instructors. The most significant for them, was the first Afro Swing weekend in Europe in 2016 where they invited Lisa Jossefson and created an event that connected Jazz dances back to their the roots: the traditional african dances. They have both worked with well known international instructors as assistants in their classes. Georgia with Alex Marinis, Michael Jagger and Markus Rosendal and Jordan with Angela Andrew. Lately, they have been also exploring the magical world of blues and Georgia has been dipping her toe into some tap dancing. At the same time, Georgia has been working as an administrator of Swing ‘N’ Swim, the first and biggest summer dance camp in Greece. Georgia also works as a swing dj sharing her love for classic swing music with several audiences in Greece and Europe and had also been hosting her very own live radio show “Five o’clock Jump” for two years where she presented the history of Swing culture to the greek audience! In 2017 they moved back to their hometown and have kept teaching until this very day in dance schools, most recently in Academy of Dance -a dance school that focuses mostly on African American street dances- which is what made them feel like home since Lindy Hop falls into that “category” itself. They are still organising events with guest djs and with teachers from around the world and their main goal is to spread the original essence and feel of the dance around. They believe that Lindy Hop should be energetic, fun, funny and raw. Their classes are mostly based on vintage clips which they watch repeatedly to capture not only the moves, but also the vibe of the grand masters, in order to keep this dance alive in it’s original form.