Swingari is a band born in autumn 2013 and composed by four musicians: Vincenzo Panebianco on clarinet and sax, Giovanni Panciroli on guitar, Alessandro Marchiorri on double bass and Danilo Miccoli on drums.

The project aims to present and connect Swing and Klezmer through an interpretation linked to the tradition and the freshness of these two musical genres. The peculiar aspect is the vital energy released by the band in reinterpreting the songs.

The repertoire moves from the classical swing of Henghel Gualdi, passes to the manouche of Django Reinhardt and arrives to the passionate melodies and lively rhythms of the Giora Feidman’s klezmer.

The group won the First Prize and the Critics Award at La Musica nelle Aie – Castel Raniero Folk Festival 2015.


Vincenzo Panebianco – clarinet and sax

Giovanni Panciroli – guitar

Alessandro Marchiorri – double bass

Danilo Miccoli – drums

Jazz Band