“Austria’s hottest Rhythm and Blues Orchestra” 

This seven-piece Rhythm and Blues sensation is based in Austria, which has devoted itself to the music of the 40s and 50s and refined the sound with a pinch of pure rock and roll.

Upright bass, drums and piano form the stomping ground on which the three saxes fight a battle with the guitar. On the front the piano-playing vocalist “The Emperor” Erich Herbst brings the dancefloor to boil in a very short time. The audience wants only one thing: dancing, dancing, dancing! The band loves to be on stage, to entertain the audience and feel the emotions.

At numerous club gigs and festivals in Europe “The Juke Joint Royals” have already set musical accents. Whether England, Germany, Croatia or Austria, the stage performance of this band enchanters immediately after the first played notes.

These successful played concerts led them to sign a deal with the “Boom Chicka Boom Records” label based in Hamburg, Germany. As a result of this collaboration, the first album “Jumpin ‘and Bluesin’ with The Juke Joint Royals” was released in June 2017 which got excellent reviews from “Vintage Rock Magazine” and “UK Rock & Roll Magazine”.

The Juke Joint Royals - Earworm (JJR Original)