Heart of Dixie is a well estabilished swing band from Brno, Czech Republic, tailor-made for local Swing Wings community. Their repertoire consists of heavy big band hits, spiced up with modern swingy pop tunes and dixieland arrangements. The band can be seen at social dancing events, Lindy Hop and Balboa parties and festivals all around Europe. In last couple couple of years they visited Sofia Swing Dance Festival, Transwingvania Brasov Lindy Exchange, Orient Lindy Express in Istanbul, Dragon Swing in Krakow, Darkblue Swing in Brno, Prague Xmas, Retro Weekend in Warsaw, Planty Hot in Dresden, BLHC in Plovdiv, Sevilla Swing Festival and many others. They’re a bunch of energetic guys who deeply love swing music, playing for dancers and guarantee to turn every event into an unforgettable night.

BLHC 2018 – Invitational Strictly Finals – Warm Up