The Jazz Cannibals met on the football field. Jimbino Vegan, from UK,  was living in New Orleans and organised a pick up soccar game among the drunks, traveller kids, drug dealers and lounging musicians in Washington Square. Joey Santoni (guitar and trumpet) and Quentin Bardinot (banjo) were visiting New Orleans with their band from Toulouse and joined in the games. Jimbino soon after moved to France and got back in contact with his football mates from New Orleans to set up a band. He also invited his friend the incredible Stephen Scharmin (drums) from Belgium who was a child prodigy playing on the streets of Barcelona in 2004 when they first met. After toying with several bass players Joey and Bardi introduced Jimbino to Pablo ‘Papa Chango’ Bouchard and the team was rocking! The band has toured a lot in Europe since 2016 – mostly playing in France, Belgium, Russia, Germany, UK, Finland and the Baltic States.

Jimbino’s enthusiastic energetic leading and joyful flamboyant performance and the fine playing for the band aim to emulate not only the sound but the energy of the early jazz bands. One gig in Latvia they were asked to stop by the organisers because so many people were dancing so wildly they were afraid the floor would break! They are popular among swing dancers across Europe and have played at swing festivals in Finland, Ireland, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium and Estonia. They love adventure and often perform on the streets to bring this wonderful music to people outside the jazz scene. They also play original jazz style compositions such as this song below “highbury islington fields”. sadly covid has put us out of action temporarily but we look forward to playing for you all again asap!