Cotatcha Orchestra is comprised of 16 members representing 2 generations of Czech and Slovak jazz musicians. Most of them are bound with JAMU’s department of jazz interpretation, featuring not only students and graduates but also teachers and lectors. The band’s repertoire includes tunes and compositions by foreign authors like Thad Jones, Charles Mingus, Quincy Jones or Stan Kenton as well as contemporary czech composers like Miroslav Hloucal and Augustin Bernard. CO features bassist Vincenc Kummer whose portfolio boasts collaborations with world renowned musicians like Dizzy Gillespie, Chet Baker or Maynard Ferguson. Cotatcha Orchestra big band is characteristic for its repertoire, distinctive sound, musical proficiency of its members and remarkable level of interpretation. During the last two years Cotatcha Orchestra has performed at the Brno Dark Blue Swing festival and the band members are part of several other swing bands playing regularely on local and international swing events such as Dragon Swing, Orient Lyndy Express, Transwingvania etc.

Cotatcha Orchestra for lindy hop dancers