My dance journey started when I was 3 years old. I trained in many dances including ballet, contemporary, and modern jazz and throughout the years took classes and workshops in many dance styles such as Rumba Columbia, African Dances, Latin & Ballroom, and Contact Improvisation. I strongly believe that dancing unites people, is a form of expression and communication between people and cultures.

Since 2012 I have focused on swing dancing and dances associated with the swing era, including Lindy Hop, Balboa, Shag, Blues & Solo Jazz. In addition to attending workshops and classes all over Europe, I trained for many years with Angela Andrew who I consider my mentor. I started teaching in London in 2014 at Swingland, and I was also a member of the dance troupe Attic Cats. I am now based in Thessaloniki, Greece where I founded Swing Box and perform with the swing dance troupe The Jam Rooters. I also teach at Swing Academy and alongside them organising Thessaloniki Swing Festival. I believe that my role as a dance teacher and event organiser is not to just promote and share dance but to also inspire people to want to learn more about the culture and the history associated with the dances we enjoy. Keeping that in mind I try to organise discussions and encourage conversations and work towards building a strong diverse and open community. 

What I love more about swing dancing is the freedom of expression and the connection with other dancers and with the music. Although I am fascinated by technically demanding moves, I believe the magic occurs when people forget about doing the “right” steps, connect with each other, with their inner self, with the music and just feel it.