A jump back into the roaring 20’s\30’s, when the music of New Orleans was yielding a mixture of sounds from an abundance of cultures. Back then, the music was hot and swinging, catching everybody under its spell, thus leaving them no other choice but to dance and enjoy.

“Roaring Cats” are a great contemporary example for melting different identities and musical ideas into the genre that ruled the charts for so many years.

The band is based in Amsterdam and includes: Samuele Ghezzi on vocals, Gediminas Stepanavičius on sousaphone, Joe Crotch on drums, Cesare Mecca on trumpet, Davor Stehlik on guitar, Mo van der Does on clarinet, Gideon Tazelaar on tenor saxophone and Ian Cleaver on trumpet.

Their repertoire includes original arrangements of tunes by the top artists of the time: from Fats Waller to Jelly Roll Morton, Sidney Bechet to “lost” Broadway oldies.