The Manouche style is quite possibly the most original contribution to jazz that Europe has ever made, yet it remains virtually unknown in Spain. Inspired by Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grapelli’s Hot Club de France from the 1930s and 40s, Manouche Au Lait reinterprets the great classics of jazz and swing with its sound of elegant and warm strings, bringing this style to the audience of Madrid.

Who is Manouche Au Lait?

Gavin Whitaker: Lead guitar. He developed his style studying in France with some of the leading figures of the genre. In recent years he has led several swing and manouche groups, both in his home country, the USA, and in Spain.

Jorge Estévez: Rhythm guitar. From his beginnings as a self-taught musician he continues to evolve through many styles, ranging from flamenco to jazz, introducing himself to Madrid’s Swing scene with projects such as The Matsukis, Swing 33 or La Banda del Ángel Caído.

Christian Pérez: Double bass. He was born in Florida and trained musically in Washington, D.C. He has played in a variety of groups ranging from funk to folk and free jazz to flamenco, but his native habitat is jazz. He has performed in numerous festivals in the United States and Spain, including television and radio programs, awards ceremonies, and musicals. He has recorded 14 albums and is an active member of the Madrid music scene.

Pedro Quirico: Violin. He studied classical music in Salamanca (Coscyl) but complemented his studies with other styles that have led him to participate in a variety of projects spanning the categories of jazz, manouche, latin, flamenco, and folk music. To name a few: The Last Quarter, Dedo y Sangre, Entre Gatos, and Entavía. Although the group was formed recently, it has performed multiple concerts in Madrid during the past year.

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