Hi there! I’m Tanya Kolyada, swing dancer, performer and instructor from Kyiv, Ukraine.

When I first took a solo jazz class, I had no idea how dramatically my life would change. In six years I turned from a screenwriter into dancer.  That was one of the most exciting and difficult journeys of my life which I’m still taking. For me today dancing is more than main business of my life. This is the best tool for searching (knowing) myself and telling stories. As a dancer and screenwriter rolled into one, I gravitate most of all towards creation and performing arts in different ways. I work in this direction and I am constantly in search of like-minded people to implement my ideas.

The main topics in my practice and teaching are the authentic solo jazz and charleston. It so happened that I started to dance solo jazz long before lindy hop. From the very first lesson I fell in love and I continue to explore this direction. I am also actively involved in tap and afro dance. These directions help me better understand the mechanics and essence of movement, to rethink and introduce new meanings and forms into my dancing.  And I try to share these discoveries with my students. At my classes I focus on the deep connection between clear rhythm and body movement. I also try to find the line between sharing specific exercises/techniques and
motivation for self-exploration, freedom to invent.

Some spotlights about me:

  • I have been actively teaching solo jazz, charleston, solo blues in Ukraine since 2018. Regularly and as part of local international festivals such as October Boogie Fest, Swing Space Dnipro.
  • I have been a dancer, choreographer and scriptwriter of the “Jazz Age Show” since 2017.
  • I am actively performing at international swing festivals and events such as Dragon Swing, Uptown Rhythm, All Lithuanian Weekend, Retro Weekend, Swinglandia, Jazz In a Flat, Virtual ILHC 2020.

If you want to watch more videos with me:

This is one of the last choreographies that I created for Virtual ILHC 2020. Olenka Rudenko, Gena Gudkova and I took third place with it in Solo Jazz Team Division category: