We started our teaching journey in 2015, when we built the blues and slow dance scene in Warsaw. Then we gradually spread the joy of blues and slow dancing to other Polish cities, e.g. Katowice and Gdańsk, where we now teach on a daily basis. Quite soon we also started teaching in other European countries (France, Spain, Poland, Lithuania, Belarus, UK, Ireland, Ukraine and Luxembourg) and running two international festivals in Warsaw: Valentine’s Blues and Autumn Blues. If you participated in international blues festivals (Drag the Blues, Amber Swing, ESBF, Bluesilla, Fallin’ in Blues), you must have seen us either giving a showcase, teaching or participating in contests. 

While in Poland, we collaborate with several bands and Big Bands on stage: Christine and the Blue Drags, the Blues Junkers and the Piotr Kostrzewa Band, different bands of the Złota Tarka Festival (, but we are also open to new bands for collaboration. We now own a private dance studio at home, where we provide individual and teachers’ tutoring to Polish and international dancers.

We are known for a combination of a professional attitude to class preparation, constant learning and inspiration from old movies and other dance disciplines (e.g. dance therapy) with a relaxed atmosphere in our classes, use of funny metaphors and creative comparisons. In our dance style we put stress on dialog, improvisation and musicality. 

Apart from couple dancing we also offer classes and presentations as individual dancers. 

Agnieszka’s style is probably a blend of all her background dances. She started dancing at the age of 7 with ballroom, to then turn to hip-hop, African and modern jazz dances in different Polish troupes. has found blues to be a perfect form of dance expression for her as a dance that reflects her dancing story: it has African roots, some tango impact and a spell of jazz elegance. As for her achievements she may be proud of winning contests on a couple of events like Fallin’ in Blues (France), Drag the Blues (Spain), Bluesilla (Lithuania) or The Spoonful (Scotland)

“The beauty of Blues is in its indefiniteness…. There are no steps, choreographies… a magnet attraction of two poles resulting in a piece of intimate creation between prolific, open dancers, willing to experiment while discovering different layers of rhythm and music”.

Konrad developed agility while practicing Japanese martial arts, muay thai and MMA, but he then turned to swing dancing. At a very early stage of his dancing career he already had several achievements in lindy hop or blues contests in France (Fallin’ in Blues), Lithuania (Bluesilla), UK (Blues Baby Blues, Spoonful), Spain (Drag the Blues) or Poland (Dragon Swing, Amber Swing, WLHX, Retro Weekend). He is very focused on movement skills and exploring new ideas. In blues and slow dancing he found his most creative way of expression. Al Minns is his biggest source of inspiration.

Creating and building new, not known and not scheduled or imposed form out of expression in each dance is the most valuable thing. You never know what will be revealed. It just might be ordinary fun but also it could become a masterpiece understandable and visible only for two.


Our website is a good source of information. so feel free to visit it. By doing that you can find more pictures, movies, a nice fairy-tale story we wrote down and much more 🙂