LouisLou provides ‘swingtastic’ music, dance and original concepts. We (co-)produce our own local and international events such as Upside Down Festival, Big City Blues, LouisLou’s Dance Madness and Les Grand Balls. We offer expertise, provide education and bring unique artistic content for public or private events, the corporate and entertainment industry and educational initiatives.

We love working with committed people, no matter if you are a partner or client. We love listening to your story and fantastic ideas. From there we propose matching content, tailored to your needs. That way we co-create swinging & powerful experiences for any audience.

The duo behind LouisLou, Leni Denorme and Sep Vermeersch are first and foremost swing dancers and artists, with insights in organisation and collaborative creation. They were two of the founding members of the world renown Ghent swing dance scene and are talented swing dance facilitators. Their social, respectful, sustainable and innovative approach is highly regarded by the community and clients. We try being appreciative to the black and African American culture we work with, and use our activities as a tool to lift communities. Leni and Sep are also leading partners in The Swinging Europe Network. And if you are lucky you can find both performing, social dancing, building the local community… or just hanging in a jazz bar for good music and vibes.

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