Dancer – Performer – Choreographer – Teacher
Leonor met Swing in her hometown in Spain, and fell in love with its music, its joy and its “vintage” taste. Since that moment she has never stopped; she attended numerous festivals and workshops in Spain, Italy and France, and has received both Lindy Hop and Authentic Jazz classes from some of the best contemporary dancers. She loves competing (she has recently made into the finals at the Open Solo Jazz competition at ILHC) and performing; she is always looking for new ways of entertaining and communicating to the audience.
In addition, she is a ballet dancer, which has helped her to develop an elegant Solo Jazz style .
She loves studying the best dancers of the jazz and swing era, learning their movements, adapting them to her personal style and sharing her research on her personal project #onmondayswejazz .
Currently, Leonor continues to train and work on aspects such as rhythm and quality of movement, while teaching regular and intensive classes.
She has been teaching Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz since 2016. As a teacher, she is dedicated and attentive, always trying to create a pleasant work environment and convey her passion for dance to her students.

If you want to see more videos of her dancing, here are some shows:

And competitions: