MARIA SCHILLING is many shining qualities merged into one artist.

She is raw, untamed blues and warm, seductive romance. She is high energy, sassy up-tempo ecstasy and heartfelt elegance. Her voice gives the swing jazz of the 30’s and 40’s a new renaissance, with a dose of cockiness, bringing these timbres into the new roaring twenties with no apologies.

DAVID FORSS NORBERG is behind the battery of pots and pans in the trio, a virtuoso subtle and finesseful, thunderous and solid. He is an expert on all the various drumming styles and has something of a “professor” – status among musicians.

Providing a vivid world of harmony behind the ebonies and ivories is the unique SVEN ERIK LUNDEQVIST, meticulously trained in the “Harlem Stride” – school of the 30’s. In his playing you will hear strong traces of Art Tatum, Teddy Wilson, Cliff Jackson and many more.

All these ingredients makes MARIA SCHILLING HOT N’ BLUE TRIO a detailed distillate of high-octane swing and rhythm n’ blues in the smaller format. MARIA SCHILLING HOT N’ BLUE TRIO roars like a bengal tiger and trills like a lark from the rooftops in Harlem.