Maria Vasilakou started her dance journey at the age of 3, first with classical ballet and from then on expanding into a diverse range of dance genres. She very soon became involved with other art forms as well, such as music and theater, through intensive courses and seminars.

In 2014, Maria initiated her professional ballet and contemporary dance studies, focusing into areas such as music, rhythmic theory, the history of classical dance, pedagogy, and choreography. Since then, she has immersed herself in Swing, Authentic Jazz, and Tap dances. Maria has attended workshops and, furthermore, she has been a dedicated participant in local and international festivals, shows and competitions, claiming various placements. She is currently a fulltime Lindy Hop and Authentic Jazz Dance instructor in Athens and part of the performers’ team at “Rhythm Hoppers”.

She seeks to constantly evolve in dance and teaching, so that she can pass on her experience, knowledge and especially her love for Swing and Jazz dances to the local and international community, with respect to their roots and values. Her goal in her classes is for each individual to discover their own personal movement and express themselves through rhythm in a safe and inclusive community.