Founded in 2012, Menil has emerged as the new up-and-coming swing band in Madrid and quickly imposed itself as one of the leading projects at national level on the Spanish jazz circuit. Oddly, in Spain, Django Reinhardt and his music are not yet widely known and listened to. Menil took up the challenge and was born with a mission: spreading the word about Django’s music.

Menil toured Spain extensively in 2014/2015, playing clubs and fetivals to crowds that had never heard of, let one listened to Django. Reception was excellent, crowds responded cheerfully and enthusiastically, wich is what happy Spanish crowds are known for.

A residency at legendary Madrid Club Cafe Populart allowed the band to play 120 gigs in 2013, forging their own style and strengthening their rhythmic basis in the process. Their first CD, “Stompin’ at Cafe Populart” was recorded live at the club and over 3000 copies were sold in about a year. Menil recorded and mixed their eponymously named second album, “Menil”, at their own studio in the fall of 2015. The release party took place on a reiny monday of april 2016 at Madrid’s Galileo Galilei club.

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