This colorful and sparkling team knows how to put a performance together. Mind The Beat consists out of ten wonderful dancers, all with a different style and approach. Is it this blend that makes this team so surprising and extremely different on every choreography they put together? Have a look, and enjoy the pieces they have been performing together. Two out of four choreographies they have created made it to \\\’win prizes\\\’.
** Let\\\’s keep on on Jumpin\\\’ – 2nd ILHC team and 2nd Savoy Cup team.

** My fathers Mustache – 3th ILHC solo team


Members (2020)

Alexia Legoueix (FR) – Vassia Panayiotou (GR) – Maria Ferrer (ESP) – Lee Meidan (ISR) – Anna Rio (FR) – Aurélien Darbellay (CH) – Jonatan Hedberg (SW) – Sep Vermeersch (BE) – Avgoustinos Tran (GR)