Hello! My Name is Nina and I am based in Switzerland.

I started dancing Ballet and Jazz when I was 7 years old, continued with Hip Hop and Street Dance and then found Swing Dance when I was 21. Since then I just couldn’t stop!

I dance Lindy Hop, Boogie Woogie, Solo Jazz, Collegiate and St. Louis Shag and Balboa.

I’ve been teaching since 2016 for local Lindy Hop Clubs in Eastern Switzerland. In 2018 I founded my own dance platform in St. Gallen and continued growing the local scene there.

I also had the chance to teach my first international classes in 2019:

  • Solo Jazz and Boogie Woogie Taster at Leading Ladies Festival, Copenhagen
  • St. Louis Shag Taster at Helswingi, Helsinki

My main focus while teaching is to show the playful side of Swing Dancing and being like another instrument in the orchestra that is playing.

You can also check out my Instagram, where I post dance content: