Hello ❤️


I am 18 years old (yes, that’s true) swing dancer, teacher, web-designer, and Herräng lover.


I’ve been dancing for 3 years (and yeah, I’ve never danced anything before). I’ve been teaching since I was 16 (1.5 y of dancing). I mostly dance lindy-hop, but I love dancing solo as well 🙂

I want to become a new little star and become a part of Harlem Hot Shots


I have a clearly defined method of practice alone or in a couple. It helps me and my students to improve our dancing in an exciting and productive way. I practice a lot (25-30h per week) to improve that much, so I know what works and what doesn’t 🙂  But of course, it doesn’t mean I want everybody to dance that much, I am just addicted to it. And I know how to improve dancing even in 10 min per day, and I’d love to share this info with people ❤️

P.S. The song, in the beginning, is strange, but it’s some mistake the real track starts in about 8 seconds.