O Sister! is a swing band which revisits the golden age of vocal jazz and North American popular music from the 20s and 30s. Rooted in Seville (Spain), the band started its activity in 2008 as a quartet formed by the vocal trio Paula Padilla (contralto), Helena Amado (soprano) and Marcos Padilla (tenor), accompanied by guitarist Matías Comino. It soon expanded to its present sextet line up with the addition of bassist Camilo Bosso and drummer Pablo Cabra, thus enhancing the rhythmic character of their sound in a repertoire of lively dance music, attractive both to jazz fans and a more general kind of audience.

O Sister! was born as a tribute to the feminine bands of the time such as The Boswell Sisters, a pioneer vocal swing trio whose influence would be later acknowledged by artists as important as Ella Fitzgerald. The sextet from Seville doesn’t just evoke the style, but elaborates original harmonisations and modern arrangements for compositions of the Jazz Age (as well as their own original ones), favouring a fresh and highly creative rendering.

With nearly 200 concerts, O Sister! has performed at the most important jazz events and venues in Spain, such as the Madrid and Vitoria Jazz Festivals and the prestigious clubs Clamores and Café Central (Madrid) or Jamboree (Barcelona). In late 2014 they confirmed their growing presence in the international swing scene as the only European band invited to the Boswell Sisters Tribute Festival in the birthplace of jazz –New Orleans. Touring through Greece, Denmark and Sweden in 2015, they have continued to broaden horizons with performances at Festivals in Malaysia in 2016, further proving the universal character of their live performances that are conceived as a total show in which music shines through its quality, closeness and spontaneity.

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