Kristina Ragelyte – Dance Teacher and Performer

Kristina started her dance journey with Lindy hop, later explored other swing styles like Balboa, Solo Jazz and eventually Collegiate Shag. “At the beginning dancing for me was just the way to relax, but very fast I understood that it’s also a very powerful tool to get to know yourself, other people, learn and grow not only as a dancer, but as a person as well. I like saying – when the worlds are lying, body reveals. If you are stressed or excited you can say you are not, but your body can’t fake it. It’s magical for me to understand that there is no need for words if you want to communicate with someone – share your emotions, make jokes.”.

Kristina is an active member of Lithuania swing scene, teaching Lindy hop, ELEF, Solo Jazz classes back in Vilnius at What a Jazz dance studio. Recently she got involved into house dance, keeps exploring other street dance styles.

“I love living this big juicy dance life full of improvisation, music, travelling and creativity. I’m not sure about many things in life and it’s ok, but there is one thing I’m sure about -I’m going to be dancing for the rest of my life, event when I’m 100, I’ll keep grooving at least with my eyes!“.


Some of her international highlights:

  • Teaching a taster class of Collegiate Shag at Herrang 2017.
  • Teaching a taster class of Collegiate Shag at Brussels exchange 2019.
  • Taking 2nd place at Uptown Rhythm Open Mix and Match 2019 with Jeremy.
  • Getting into finals at Warsaw Shag Festival Shag Strictly 2017 with Arturas.
  • Getting into finals at Swingala festival Open Mix and Match 2019 with Daniel.