My loving story with swing dance is really long and strong. In 2002 I started with Boogie Woogie, acrobatic Rock’n’Roll, twist and Disco Dance, doing competition with a school form Venice. After two years I felt in love with Lindy Hop and all the social dance around it. Until this time for me, dancing was more about competiting and training with my partner, but I discover how amazing is it to dance with everybody. I moved to London and I studied with ne Swing Dance UK for some month, learning both movements as a leader and as a follower.

Back in Italy I started to attend several festivals and I was part of the showcase gruop The Wops with other great dancers from many place of Italy.

I was still competing in that period, with many recongnitions ( 8 world championship title in disco dance formation and small group, many italian championship gold and silver medal for boogie and twist and much more), but something was changing in my mind.

I quit dancing for federal competition and start studyng hard the social swing dance, doing as well some competitions as j’n’j or solo jazz.

Being part of the Nagasaki Swing Team, was one of the most important thing in my life. A group of dancers from many place in Italy, both together to study and prepare show all about swing dance. I’m really proud of the two musical that we created in these years together, “the Club” and “the Swing Express”, entirely made from us, from the story to the scenography.

From 2010 I started also teaching lindy hop, boogie woogie and burlesque, at that time I did not realize that this one day it would have become my job.

In 2016 I became one of the founder of GiggleMugs Swing Dancers of Padua, a dance school and associations dedicated entirely to the swing dances, still today we are growing up this association providing dance classes, workshop and social night to all the appasionate of this amazing dances.

In 2017 i started also to be back in federal competition for Boogie Woogie, with my dance partner Marco Chinchio, we have won Italian championship in 2017, and second place in 2019.

I started also my professional carreer as international dance teacher, beeing part of many festivals both in Italy and in other city of Europe, surrouded of many great teachers.

2019 and 2020 are two great year for me as a dancer, i reached great goals in competing: in the first 14 follower at Savoy Cup 2019 mix and match (there were 60 great dancers in this category), first place at the Camp Hollywood festival in Los Angels both in stricly and classic lindy hop competition in amateur division, dancing with William Pisani, first place at the lindy hop fast feet jack’n’jill at the Rock that Swing Festival 2020, dancing with Dimitri Masotti.

Last experience of this year was teaching at The Hop Potato swing festival in Scotland, just 10 days before the lockdown due to Covid-19 emergency.