Dancer – Teacher and Facilitator – MC/Host – Dj – Performer – Artistic Director

Sep Vermeersch is a very passionate swing-era dancer and swing music expert. He is based in Ghent, Belgium. The combination of his educational background and daily practice make him a unique person to work with. His energy and passion for the art of jazz and vintage business make him a welcomed guest in diverse projects in Belgium and around the world. Don’t miss his workshops, it’s all about the ‘jazz’ process: historical context, personal development and expressing your own style. Or just join his DJ & MC-madness. Let’s go Upside Down! /

Sep has competed internationally. Some of his highlights:

* ILHC 2018, Washington – 1st Solo Jazz, 2nd Team & Solo Jazz team, 3th all star Draw
* Savoy Cup 2018, Montpelier – 1st All star J&J, 2nd Team

* The Snowball 2017, Stockholm – 1st slow dance contest, 2nd J&J, 3th Fast Feet

* Harlem 2015, Vilnius –  1st place at ‘ultimate best dancer’