If by any chance you haven’t heard of the Crazy Bulgarians, now you will have the pleasure to meet with a few of them! Yavor and Sonia are part of Lindy Hop Bulgaria and most of the time (except when they are sleeping… if they do so) you will find them in the halls of the dancing school or at the office there.

Sonia is actually an architect by profession, but a dancer by heart. She’s been trying professionally different styles like Hip Hop and standard dances, but they did not last for long. Ten years ago she fell in love with Lindy Hop and she still can’t get enough of it – аs a teacher, and as a participant. Her focus currently is paying attention to the details in Lindy Hop and Blues. What fascinates her the most is the communication between two people – partners or in social dancing – the ability to make contact with no words, sharing your emotions.


Yavor is the Godfather of Lindy Hop Bulgaria and also of Lindy Hop as a style in Bulgaria. With a theatre background and being into dancing for 30 years now, he has professional experience in many different artistic aspects. He started with ballroom dances, went through Acrobatic Rock and Roll with a few republican awards and finally, 10 years ago, he tried Boogie Woogie, which brought him into the addicting world of Lindy Hop. He’s been doing choreographies for different performances in the theatre and the opera, as well as for few TV shows as Dancing with the stars and VIP Dance.

Sonia and Yavor are founders and part of the organizational team of Sofia Swing Dance Festival and Balkan Lindy Hop Championship. Working and teaching together gives them the time and opportunity to really click together. They are really fond on structuring their classes, but be prepared because there is also a pinch of crazy Bulgarians provocation.