The band Talking Ties was created by three young Italian musicians who wanted to deeply explore Jazz and its early tradition.

The trio gathered up in 2017 and since the beginning started to play in several venues, collaborating with some famous musicians, like one of the most important italian experts of Classic Jazz: the multi-instrumentalist Mauro L. Porro.

Their show is dynamic and spectacular, and it aims to introduce Swing Music to a bigger spectrum of different audiences, with a personal approach and a vast repertoire which includes many black music’s sub-genres like Ragtime, Gospel and Boogie Woogie.

The unique aspect of the band is the skill of playing their instruments and singing at the same time, creating together three-part harmony arrangements of very famous songs of the Swing Era, like Straighten up and fly right and Singing in the Rain.

In December 2017 they recorded two videos of the hits Undecided and On the sunny side of the street.

They often perform for social dance events like Swing in Spring Festival 2018, Florence.

Notable concerts: Jazz Club and Teatro del Borgo (Florence), Teatro Lux (Pisa), Fondazione Luigi Tronci and Pianeta Melos (Pistoia), Mishima (Terni), Osteria Margutta (Roma), La Clandestina (Arezzo), Sant’Orsola and Officina Giovani (Prato).

Straighten Up And Fly Right