Tanja & Karri stumbled over each other on the dance floor in 2017 and dance chemistry clicked instantly. She is a nerd in languages, he is a nerd in computers and we are both nerds in swing dancing (and coffee). We are mainly established as a local teaching couple in Finland but we have also done a few gigs to lovely dance scenes in Norway, Switzerland and Spain.

Since founding our Helsinki-based dance school Black Pepper Swing in 2017, we have been teaching weekly classes and pursuing our main goal to grow a diverse and open-minded community with a strong bond to the growing local jazz music scene. In our teaching, we aim to provide students with a strong base of technical skills, a miscellaneous tool-box to apply to different styles of jazz music and to support their personal dance style. Our classes are chocolate boxes of concepts, drills, sequences, choreographies, games and a high percentage of dance time.

Outside of teaching, Tanja’s focus is on the music as a dedicated DJ whereas Karri brings swing dance history into the spotlight by colourizing and tweaking old swing and tap dance clips (check our Youtube channel đŸ™‚ and learning from them. We have a weakness for good old Hollywood style and early RnB beats, but in our teaching, we use dance material and music from across swing dance styles.

Besides Lindy hop, we also teach Slow Swing and Solo Jazz and practice Tap dancing. We are also event organizers and Tanja has volunteered at events like the Chase, Herräng Dance Camp and Lindy Focus. We like to keep things in dancing and life the Lindy-way: fun, grounded and down to earth.