Nikoleta has loved dancing and singing ever since she can remember herself. She has a rich background in traditional greek dances, and experience in latin dances, as well as argentinian tango. However, none of these dances could match her need to express herself, until she met jazz dances. The freedom of expression and the rich culture and history are what attracted her the most. She loves performing in front of an audience and has competed and performed in many festivals in Europe.

Thanos is an enthusiastic swing and blues dancer full of joy. He dances, teaches and performs in Thessaloniki sharing his passion for jazz music and dancing. Three things he loves are: hot rhythm, touching melodies and chocolate. You can recognize him by his tapping- happy feet and his secret mumbling-scatting ability.

Thanos and Nikoleta have been dance partners for about 3 years.
The past 3 years, they have been teaching Blues, Lindy Hop, Charleston and Solo Jazz together in the Swing scene of their birth city, Thessaloniki.
They always push themselves to improve as dancers and as teachers. For that, they have taken Teacher’s Training classes at Herrang, as well as in Thessaloniki. When in class, they aim to encourage their students to develop their own creativity and love the social aspect of jazz dancing, always in connection to the history of this artform.
One of the things they are most passionate about is the organization, execution and participation in dance shows and performances, which is why they are part of local performance group called “The Jam Rooters”, along whom they have the opportunity to perform often.

Together they have competed in the first Balkan Lindy Hop Championships, at the Balkan Strictly competition, where they won 3rd place. They have also competed separately in many different festivals and competitions, such as these:

– Thanos: 1st Place at The Big Saturday Lindy Hop Night Event in Turin
-Thanos: 2nd Place at 30s Showcase / Balkan Lindy Hop Championships
-Thanos: 3rd Place at Jack n Jill / Mini Swing Swede Weekend 2019

-Nikoleta: 3rd Place at Open JnJ / Athens Rhythm Hop 2017
-Nikoleta: Finalist at Solo Jazz Competition / Athens Rhythm Hop 2019
-Nikoleta: Finalist at Solo Jazz Competition / Mini Swing Swede Weekend 2019
-Nikoleta: Finalist at Strictly Competition Week 4 of Herrang Dance Camp
-Nikoleta: Finalist at Solo Jazz Competition /BRUX 2019