From a city where traditional Fado and Electronic music reigns strong, THE INVISIBLE TUBA are one of the few groups to emerge in Lisbon that are doing something a little bit different. Formed in early 2019, this 7-piece combo of euro-swingers have a strict STAND-UP JAZZ policy that will have audiences clapping their hands and throwing each other around the dance floor.

The band have performed at Portuguese Swing/Blues Festivals including: Solo Train, Blue Skies Lindy Exchange, Little Big Swing and other non-Swing Festivals such as the Feira do Livro and Santos Populares.

Upon arriving in Lisbon, Anglo-Sardinian trumpeter Mattia Corda (The Mighty String) began sifting through Lisbon’s library of jazz musicians to find someone who could beat the stuffing out of a banjo until the sun came up. A chance encounter with Simone Carugati and a tap-dancer led to an impromptu street show where the musical chemistry was undeniable.

These two pasta-fuelled Italians were soon joined by swing addict Maxim Colls on sax and Captain Farms on clarinet. This pair of Iberian reed-chompers are the source of the band\\\’s New Orleans sound that was later padded out by Yanko-Flem trombonist Iris Ceulemans and tuba-player Omuba Kouzmienko and drummer Pedro Gens. At their live shows, you can look forward to cool calypsos, audience participation and more dirty swing than you can shake a stick at.

The members of the band can be seen regularly at local jam sessions and markets sharing their knowledge, passion for jazz music and dancing.