Your swing band !!!

From Granada we offer you an energetic, fun and elegant proposal aimed at lovers of dance. It is created from a common interest in the golden age of jazz and swing of the 30s and 40s. With a configuration of sextet made up of musicians of different nationalities: drums, double bass, piano, trombone, saxophone and vocals, it plays the classics of Count Basie, Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington and others. In addition, some of its members belong to the community of dancers, so with their repertoire they adapt themes to dance styles such as lindy hop, balboa, blues, charleston or shag.


Rosario Sánchez “Charito” (Voice): She started in the world of jazz in 2013 when she began to speak as a vocalist in technical, language and harmony classes. Following his entry into the Jaén Jazzy Association in 2015, he began his specific vocal jazz training with such professionals as Aurora Arteaga, Celeste Alias, Idoris Duarte, Maite Aguacil, Jose Carra and Sheila Jordan. Versatile singer in continuous evolution. I have participated as soloist in several projects: Jaen Jazzy Big Band, Dixiland’s new project, Hot Jazz Quintet, or Contravoz.

Jaime Párrizas (drums): Drummer and percussionist born in Granada. I have studied at the Conservatory of Music of Granada. His training includes prestigious teachers from the world of jazz (Barcelona), Brazilian music (Salvador de Bahia) and African music (Senegal). He has collaborated with many artists and groups among which have been: Potato Head Jazz Band, Big Band of Confirmation, City of Granada Orchestra, Rubem Dantas, Eva Duran, Rosa Lopez, Jose Antonio Garcia (091), Quini Almendros (La Guardia) and his own quintet to Jaime Párrizas Quinteto. He also teaches drums, classical percussion and lindy hop dance.

Patricio Caparrós (double bass): Alicante musician with long and versatile costume in pop, rock formations (The Lincoln Brigade, Cienfuegos) jazz, swing … I studied double bass at the Elda Conservatory and was founder of the band “dixieland” Potato Head of Jazz Band with which they have made some recordings. I’ve been to lindy hop dancer since 2006.

George Bone (piano): Playing the piano since he was six years old. At eighteen I moved to London, and then, on the jazz scene, leading the famous Ronnie Scotts, 606 Club and Pizza Express Soho, among others. A versatile accompanist and arranger, George has toured Europe by lending his talent to a variety of singers, composers, function bands and acts of homage while performing in high-level engagements for Prince Philip, Tony Blair and Mick Jagger. In recent years, George made a giraffe for India and Egypt with ‘The rhythms of Rajasthan’. Now established in Granada, George is looking to make his mark on the Spanish jazz scene. George has a passion for composition and his original music and has appeared in many productions, including a feature film from Four Movie.

Andrew Lynch (saxophone): Born in Melbourne (Australia) I have studied saxophone since he was 11 years old, and with John Barrett under an improvisation approach. I have studied jazz for 3 years at the Victorian College of the Arts. After having worked independently with many groups of different styles: jazz, funk, rock, etc. I participated in the Melbourne International Jazz Festival with the group “Saxophobia”, an experimental training. I have taught for 8 years and also directed to a great band from the same school. I have traveled through different countries playing with musicians from Morocco, Turkey, France, Spain. I am currently collaborating with several jazz, funk, Latin music, flamenco fusion and ethnic music groups (Potato Head Jazz Band, Maui and the Sirenidos, Funkdación, Big Band Ool Ya Koo, Roko, Jaume Miguel Quartet, Acoustic Circus or Granada Reunion Band with Rubem Dantas)

Ángel J. Molina (trombone): Born in Jaén, he entered the musical practice through the trombone in 2008. Professional Education Courses at the Jaén Conservatory, obtaining the title in 2014. Driven by his interest in modern music and jazz, as well as the effervescent scene generated by the Jaén Jazzy association, since then it has been devoted to the study of harmony, language and jazz improvisation. Since 2016, it is an active component of Jaén Jazzy Big Band.