Tip&Toes is a swing band based in Valencia, recently created by Tonete Puerto, bass player, Marina Alcantud, voice and piano, and Pablo Soriano, drum player. They all know each other from the swing world of the city, which has a big jazz and swing scene.

Marina Alcantud plays the piano since the age of 5 years old, but she starts studying jazz at 19, and today is a formar student at the public conservatory, studying her third year of piano jazz. She has studied with pianists like Alberto Palau, Kontxi Lorente, Bruce Barth or Michael Kanan.

Tonete Puerto has been playing the bass and being an active musician for more than 15 years. He has taken classes with famous bassist like Mario Rossy or Deejay Foster. He has a long experience in the swing world, playing for many Lindy hop parties that take place in Valencia and Barcelona.

Pablo Soriano plays the drums since he was 12 years old, but he also starts studying jazz at 19. Today he is a formar student at the public conservatory of Valencia, studying at his second year of jazz drums. He has taken classes with many drummers, like Jeff Jerolamon or Stephen Keogh.

Frim Fram Sauce - Tip&Toes