In November 2018 the “Square City Stompers” were founded in Mannheim, Germany. It is a quintet, composed of Seyda Sibel (vocals), Carl Krämer (sax, clarinet), Tobias Altripp (piano), Moritz Koser (double bass) and Micha Jesske (drums). In the last two years they have played several gigs together as a band and doing so, they always kept their certain philosophy:

Once an art form has appeared, it will stay forever. Music from the 1920’s may have been formed a long time ago, but it’s certainly not to be viewed as outdated, because it’s definitely up to the minute. Imparting that traditional Jazz is no museum object to be taken out of the glass cabinet for some amusement every now and then and after that to be put back there, is the main intention of this band from the well known square shaped city. Experts in Jazz music will recognize by the name of the band, that these musicians are dedicating this project to more traditional forms of jazz music. Indeed here the members of this band, everybody of them is a child oft he 1990’s, are devoting themselves to the roots of their dearly beloved and lived out musical direction. Beside some classics in the concert sets of this progressivly acting and thinking band there are some less famous tunes and also some well known instrumental songs with self written lyrics as well as some own compositions, that are waiting to be heard by the audience! The central thing about this project is good mood and cheerfulness, without the artistic merit ever stepping in the background. Jazz is alive! Swing it!