After three years of touring through different festivals, venues and events, and with an already consolidated sound, Très Bien! presented in 2017 their new disc that brings even more uniqueness to a repertoire designed to enjoy their audition. With Très Bien! the audience are hopelessly destined to enjoy some original themes by these Sevillian “authors”, and also from well known classical themes but with a very different perspective from the common ones, as well as more that are unknown to the public, but worthy played due to their great beauty . In a few words, a fresh show, rhythmic, spontaneous, fun, carefully prepared and at the same time improvised.

Tres Bien! Were born in early 2013 after the union of three musicians-Matías Comino, Luis Berraquero and Paula Padilla, who decided to combine in their own acoustic way musical themes as versions of the North American and French of the first half of the 20th century; with a flavor of the authentic European jazz style created by the great guitarist of gypsy swing Django Reinhardt and his group. After a year in trio format, they decided to have Daniel Gonzalez on the double bass, a regular musician in the Seville jazz scene who became a consolidated member of the band and with whom they made their recording in the Sputnik studios in Seville. Their first album, entitled “Soleil Swing”, was recorded on 13 and 14 January 2014, live and in the old style, with the four musicians playing at the same time same room. More recently, they included the violinist Miguel Romero, who had already played and recorded on different occasions with O Sister! demonstrating his talent and taste for swing music and completing a unique quintet of strings (two guitars, double bass, violin and ukulele) conducted live by the solo voice of Paula Padilla

Très Bien! (Swing Manouche)