The European Swing Artists Contest is part of the Swinging Europe Network project financed by the Creative Europe programme of the EU. It is the successor of the previously held Swinging Europe Music Contest.

The main objective of the Swinging Europe Network project is to further develop and increase the international mobility of swing artists in Europe. Therefore, it is building on the achieved results of the previous project by upgrading and extending the reach of the Contest to include not only musicians but also dance performers as well.

The project consortium wishes to continue enlarging the already existing catalogue of Swing artists by attracting more and more musicians and dance performers and so to create a reliable and consistent European Swing networking tool, which is to become a core reference point for every festival organizer.

The Contest is open to all European Swing musicians, bands, orchestras, musicians, dance performers and artists.

The participation is free of charge. All artists interested in taking part in the competition can register on the Swinging Europe Portal, complete their profile and upload a video of their best performance. Registrations can be made not only by individual performers such as singers or solo dancers but also by dancers in couples, bands, orchestras, etc. By uploading their video profiles in the Web portal, each participant will increase his/her visibility towards event promoters/organisers and towards possible collaborators in future.

Registration of participants is now open. Click here to register.

All participants registered before 15th of October this year will be taken into consideration for 2020 edition of the Contest.

Results will be announced by 15th of November 2020.

You can read all about the Contest and its Rules and conditions here.